Supervised theses and taught courses.

Master’s and Bachelor’s theses

I have supervised a number of theses of very bright students:

  • Y. Satyawan: Semantic Segmentation of Curb and Curb Cuts in Street Imagery, 2019, Bachelor’s Thesis
  • T. Krautschneider: Multimodal Object Tracking with Deep Learning, 2020, Bachelor’s Thesis
  • G. Stief: Glass Detection via Double Optical Flow, 2020, Bachelor’s Thesis
  • S. Al-Rawi: Sound Event Localizaton and Detection for Mobile Robots, 2021, Master’s Thesis
  • S. Weber: Self-Supervised Drivable Surface Segmentation for Pedestrian Robots, 2021/22, Master’s Thesis


I have participated as instructor or lecturer in the following courses: